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Polyproplene car cover is usually called non-woven fabric;

there are different thickness and layers for option

it’s a water resistant but breathable fabric so that the car inside will not get mildew during wet weather

different shape / patterns available, including sedan, hatchback, SUV, station, Pick-up, RV, trailer, etc.

double-stitching sewing or ultra-sonic seaming for option

we are on the TOP position in the industry for outdoor covers

We are a polypropylene car cover manufacturer, we do OEM & ODM mass production only, no retails available, welcome contact us for details

About the Product Car Cover Manufacturer

Do you want to protect your car against harsh weather & outdoor mess? Cover the car when parked outdoor for a long time! As the cover factory, we have a top collection of covers that fit personal and professional requirements. Such covers also help you to enhance the lifeline of vehicles and prevent any kind of scratch. Compare the best products in our store to buy the most suitable product.

Protect your car against all kinds of outdoor issues with our reputed car cover products. We deliver durable & all-weather car covers to fit all your needs. The car cover manufacturer is having different kinds of covers in the store and selecting the best product will suit the specific vehicle needs.

Car covers in interiors also help to keep the car dirt & dust free! Do you want to keep the car paint protected for a long time? The car cover factory has different covers in the store and places orders of suitable products. We have the best-rated car cover products that will fulfill the requirements to keep the cars clean and thus save the cleaning cost.



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