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Huadu District,Guangzhou,China
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Our Technology

Waterproof taping techique.

Waterproof taping is mainly used onto the outdoor protective covers, stick a waterproof tape onto needle hole position, so that the raining will not get into the cover. It’s by heat taping tightly, so that the tape can not tear off.

High defination digital ink-jet printing technique.

This High definition digital printing is for stylish design printing onto whole fabric, not only printing on a part, but whole fabric. With very clear and vivid colorful printing effect, much better than traditional screen printing and other technique.

Formwork automatic sewing technique.

It’s computer controlled sewing machine, quality is super good, and quickly sewing, especially for the difficult and complicated sewing, we mainly used it for the seat cushions and multi-layer pad products.

Double-stitching sewing technique.

Double stitching sewing is mainly for outdoor covers, it’s much durable sewing technique than single-need sewing, our outdoor covers are all long-time lifespan and can be lasting for many years.

Automatic sewing machine.

This automatic sewing machine is to make cross stitching sewing onto the stress position, so that it will bear the heavy stress, it’s much quicker speed and better quality than traditional sewing way.

Automatic cutting machine.

It’s computer controlled cutting, for quick and more complicated cutting. Comparing the traditional hand-taken cutting machine and mould press cutting techinque, it’s much quicker speed and better quality.